Fringe 2025

Financial Responsibilities

Is there an application fee required to submit my proposal?

No, there is no application fee required.

Do I get a fee for my participation at the Festival?

Generally the Festival offers an artist honorarium of SGD 1,000.00 (One thousand Singapore dollars) in total for in-theatre productions with at least two performances. For works in other formats, the honorarium will be revised accordingly.

How many performances am I expected to stage?

The Festival generally programmes two to three performances for works by international artists. For Singapore artists with a home base of fans and audience, we programme up to five performances.

Does the Festival pay for travel costs?

No, artists will be responsible for obtaining funding for all flights and freight. We may also contact the relevant embassies and cultural institutions in Singapore to request for support for confirmed artists.

Does the Festival cover accommodation?

Yes, the Festival covers twin or triple-sharing accommodation for the period from bump in to strike.

Do artists have to sell their own tickets?

No, the Festival will handle all the ticketing administration and expenses. You just have to focus on presenting a good work!

Do artists get a cut of box office sales?

No. The Festival will pay for all venue, ticketing and production costs in presenting your show. Therefore, we will need to recoup our cost.

Do artists have to market their own works?

No. The Festival runs a robust marketing campaign for all events. However artists are required to submit publicity images and information such as synopses and biographies. Of course, artists are highly encouraged to post about their work on their own social media accounts and website too.

Do artists have to pay for the venue rental?

No, the Festival covers the venue rental, on-site manpower costs, and basic technical equipment available in the venue, from the period of bump in to strike. However, artists will be responsible for the rehearsal-related expenses.

Photo by Crispian Chan
THOM PAIN (based on nothing) by Edith Podesta, Yarra Ileto & Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Australia & Singapore)

Image Description: A group of Asian youths.